Whole milk “di+”

Whole milk “di +” preserves its quality and nutritional characteristics for a longer time because it has undergone a secure thermal treatment: pasteurization at high temperature. Thanks to this technological procedure, this controlled and guaranteed Italian milk preserves its characteristic good taste for a longer time. We do not recommend to boil this product at the moment of use.


  • Sales name: Whole milk + pasteurized at high temperature.
  • Product description: Whole milk treated with a high temperature pasteurization and homogenized.
  • Nominal quantity: 1000 ml ℮
  • Ingredients declared on the label: Whole milk
  • Allergens: Milk and milk products (including lactose).
  • Storage conditions – consumer information: Store between 0°C e + 4°C. At the moment of use, heat without boiling. Once opened store in fridge and use within 3 days
  • To be consumed before: Expiry date is determined to the 18th day after packaging.
  • Lot: Best before date.