UHT whipping cream for bakeries 38%

Produced by centrifuging fresh milk, this cream undergoes UHT heat treatment, followed by sterile packaging. It is an extremely versatile product, suitable for a use in a variety of ways. Confectionery: when whipped in a planetary mixer at a constant temperature between 0 and +4°C, it acquires a soft, creamy consistency, with no problems of syneresis or ice crystal formation. Ice cream: added in the whipping phase, it aids a good increase in volume and the formation of a creamy, soft texture, easily shaped with a spatula. Catering:alsoexcellentforcooking,itaddsarefined,delicateflavourtopastaand meat dishes, amalgamating well with other ingredients for a perfectly balanced result. Also ideal for making mousses, panna cotta and cakes.
Available in 1000 ml Tetra Brik Base and 5 and 10 litre Bag in Box with reclosable cap, for safety, hygiene and convenience.

Ice cream industry: perfect for production of ice cream: added in the creaming phase, it favours a good increase in volume and the formation of a creamy, fluffy and spreadable base.

Restaurant industry and domestic use: also, excellent for cooking, it adds a delicate, refined taste to entrees and main dishes, it blends well with other ingredients, favouring a perfectly balanced flavour. Also, ideal for the preparation of cooked creams, puddings and a variety of cakes.

Available in tetra brik base 1000 ml, Bag in Box of 5/10 litres with reclosable cap that ensure hygienical safety and handy use and in carton box and 1000 litres in combo.

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  • Sales name: Frascheri Arianna UHT Cream with long shelf life.
  • Product description: UHT heat stabilized product, aseptically packaged in Bag in Box.
  • Nominal quantity: Tetra brik base 1000 ml and Bag in Box of 5, 10, 1000 litre
  • Ingredients declared on the label: Milk cream.
  • Allergens: Milk and dairy products (including lactose).
  • Storage conditions – consumer information: Store at refrigerated temperature between 0°C and + 4°C. Once opened store at refrigerated temperature between 0°C and + 4°C and use within 3 days.
  • To be consumed before: 180 days from packaging date.
  • Lot: Best before date, progressive day annual packaging and time.

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10 Litri, 1000 Litri, 1000 ml, 5 Litri