Lactose Free Cream 28%

Frascheri’s lactose free UHT cream is our answer to the request from the modern markets attentive clients. Thanks to high tech production plants and hard work with research and develop we have been able to create a high-performance cream for the dairy industry. This product can be used to produce products that lactose intolerant people can digest. The production technology that is used ensure a great sensory profile and a good consistency for production of dairy products like burrata (similar to mozzarella with creamy, buttery centre) or stracciatella cheese. The UHT treatment makes it possible to obtain a shelf life of 180 days from the date of production.

Available in Bag in Box 10 litres with reclosable cap that ensure hygienical safety and handy use.



  • Sales name: Frascheri Arianna UHT Lactose Free Cream “Special for Dairy use” with long shelf life.
  • Product description: UHT heat stabilized product, aseptically packaged in Bag in Box.
  • Nominal quantity: Bag in Box of 10 litres
  • Ingredients declared on the label: Milk cream, milk proteins.
  • Allergens: Milk and dairy products (including lactose).
  • Storage conditions – consumer information: Store at refrigerated temperature between 0°C and + 4°C. Once opened store at refrigerated temperature between 0°C and + 4°C and use within 3 days.
  • To be consumed before: 180 days from packaging date
  • Lot: Best before date