Long life UHT cream with sugar 35%

Arianna whipping Cream with 35% fat and 8% sugar. This cream has been created for professionals that don’t want to give up on the quality of the classic Arianna cream but need a ready to use product with sugar already added. With Arianna sugar cream Frascheri combine quality and comfort in one unique, tasty, and handy product with organoleptic characteristics. The colour is bright white and it’s suitable for different uses which makes it very appreciated by professional users. It’s ideal for ice cream production because if added during the whipping phase it add volume and form a creamy, soft and easily spreadable consistency to your ice cream. If whipped in a cream whipper machine at a stable temperature around 0°Cto + 4°C it becomes soft and creamy and develops a good and dry consistency which makes it perfect to use to top ice cream and to garnish deserts, a cup of hot chocolate or fruit salads.

This product is developed for our professional channel and it exalt the art of Master Ice cream makers guaranteeing excellent results with absolute quality.
Available in 1 litre TETRA BRIK® BASE.


    • Sales name: Long life UHT cream with sugar.
    • Product description: thermally stabilized through UHT treatment, aseptically packaged in TETRA BRIK® BASE.
    • Nominal quantity: TETRA BRIK® BASE 1000 ml ℮.
    • Storage: To obtain a good whipped cream, store in refrigerator at 0°C to +4°C, until used. After opening, refrigerate and use within 3 days.
    • Lot: Best before date, annual progressive day and time of packaging.